I view psychotherapy as mainly an endeavour to “know thyself”. I take the position that through the acquisition of self-knowledge, the possibility of change can gradually manifest as a dynamic possibility. My style of working is flexible, relational and dialogical. I will help you to gradually explore what the origins of your current difficulties are and create the meaning that is significant to you. You will be provided with a confidential, supportive and empowering space to explore how you want to project yourself into the future, by also carefully acknowledging the limitations along the way. In terms of my theoretical approach, I'm an existentially trained psychotherapist/counselling psychologist who also values and employs contemporary psychoanalytic ideas in understanding human difficulties and dilemmas. I'm therefore interested in past and present experiences, but also your future potential. I also offer online (via Skype & Zoom) sessions and I practice in both English and Greek. 



Anxiety, panic and phobias 

Addictions, obsessions and compulsions 

Work-related stress and burnout 

Feeling persistently melancholic  

Paranoia, delusions, hallucinations

Bereavement, loss, separation and divorce

Challenging life transitions 

Bullying, harassment and domestic violence

Self-harm and suicidality 

Overwhelming anger 

Relationship difficulties and family issues 

Physical, sexual and emotional abuse

Self-esteem and self-confidence 

Parenting anxieties, antenatal/postnatal difficulties

Sexual issues, sexuality and gender 

Physical illness and pain 

Body-image and eating issues