Initial consultation: This is an opportunity to talk about what brings you to psychotherapy and seek psychological help. We will use the first session to decide whether we can work together or if a different service might better help you, and in this case, discuss the various options available to you. If we agree to work together, we will then discuss arrangements for ongoing sessions. Please note that you will need to provide me with some essential background information and the details of your local medical practitioner in our first consultation. 


Length and frequency of psychotherapy: Psychotherapy typically involves regular sessions, lasting 50 minutes in length, usually taking place on the same day and time. The frequency of sessions varies depending on the nature of your difficulties and your individual needs. This is discussed in the first consultation, were we will collaboratively decide the frequency of sessions. 


Confidentiality: Information you share with me will be kept confidential and not disclosed without your written consent. By law, however, confidentiality is not guaranteed in life-threatening situations involving yourself or others or in cases in which children and other vulnerable others are put at risk (such as by sexual or physical abuse or neglect). If therefore, I feel that you are a danger to yourself or others, or if there is sufficient evidence to raise a concern of the health, welfare or safety of children or vulnerable adults, I will initially encourage you to contact an appropriate source of support/help. However, if I feel that you are unable to do so, I will have to make this contact myself, but I will discuss this with you first before passing any information on to others and explain why I am taking this course of action. Please also note that I am in clinical supervision as part of my commitment to ethical practice, as this is in keeping with my professional duties. The duty of confidentiality extends to my supervisor, who is also a qualified and accredited professional. When discussing your case with my supervisor, I will take pains to disguise identifying information, including using a pseudonym.


Online therapy: I also offer online therapy via the Zoom and Skype platforms, which are secure, confidential and reliable video software platforms. Online therapy sessions should take place in a private setting to ensure conversations are not overheard. Should either party experience technical difficulties before or during our session, we both attempt to email straight away and/or try to reconnect online as soon as possible. 


Fee and cancellation policy:  My fee for individual therapy per session is currently set within the range of £80-£100 and will be discussed and agreed upon in our first consultation. Please note that I take payments in cash or via bank transfer at the end of each session. For international clients based outside of the UK receiving online therapy, I also accept payments via PayPal and TransferWise. I can provide you with my details on these mediums should these are a preferable way of payment. If you need to cancel a session, please give me a 48hours notice; otherwise, the missed session will be charged at the agreed rate. I will provide you with as much notice as possible of holidays and other absences I foresee. If I need to cancel a session in an emergency, I will make arrangements to replace this missed session where possible. 


Arrival and late attendance: Please be aware that I cannot make up time if you arrive late for your session. If you are late more than 15 minutes to your session, I will treat this as a cancellation without notice.  


Record keeping: I will be taking some notes on our therapy sessions, which is a common phenomenon. These tend to be brief and help to keep track of themes covered in therapy. My notes are always kept in a locked cabinet following the data protection act and GDPR. I will securely hold your background information collected electronically at the initial consultation session in a password-protected electronic folder. I will discuss the disposal, retention or otherwise of any records when your therapy concludes.


Emergency contact: Do not hesitate to contact me between sessions if you are experiencing emotional discomfort and need to schedule an additional session, which I’ll try to accommodate when possible. When I am not available, my answering machine will take a message, and I can usually return calls and respond to emails and text messages within the day. If you are experiencing severe distress or other more urgent difficulties, you must contact your GP, the local medical emergency services, and/or any other appropriate local services. 


Freedom to withdraw: You have the right to end therapy at any time. If you wish, I will give you the names of other qualified psychologists and/or psychotherapists.


Complaints: In the event of being unhappy with my service, please discuss this with me. If you feel unable to do so or do not receive satisfactory resolution, then you have the right to complain to my professional bodies, that is the HCPC and/or the UKCP.